Trail Facilities

Any water in streams found along the trail should be treated before you drink it. While the trail crosses a number of streams, the water in many of them comes from swampy areas and may be dark with tannin. It is best to bring your own water with you.

There are two shelters on or near the MM Trail in New Hampshire. The first is the Royalston Falls Shelter on the New England Trail just south of the NH/MA State Line. The second is the Troy Tent Site near Troy town center.

Camping is not permitted on either the public or private land through which the Trail passes. There is camping permitted at designated campsites near the main entrance to Monadnock State Park but no camping is permitted elsewhere in the Park.

Off Trail Accomodations
There are a number of overnight accommodations available close to the Trail in Fitzwilliam, Troy and Jaffery. See the individual sections for details.